Events in Lou Calen

Lou Calen invites you to enjoy our unique and fun events based within the hotel’s three hectare estate in the heart of Cotignac, whether at the Jardin Secret restaurant, Didier’s wine bar, or the microbrewery bar, La Tuf. Engage with the many aspects of true Provencal living through these fun experiences, all the while meeting local people and discovering local practices.

Upcoming events

Mondays to Wednesdays

The Truffle Harvest

During truffle season, from now until February, the Canut family invites you to learn truffle hunting in their fields in Aups every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Accompanied by their specialist truffle dogs, you’ll join the “black diamond” harvest and even have the chance to taste what you’ve found!

Location : Aups

Time : 14:00 to 15:30

Cost : 25€

Reservation : Limited places, booking is obligatory


Precious Truffles in Aups

Join Didier Romieux at the truffle market in Aups every Thursday from now until February.  He will teach you how to select the best truffles and also how to taste them.  Optional visit to the must-see “Maison de la Truffe”.

Location : Aups

Time : 9:30 to 11:30

Cost : 30€

Reservation : Limited places, booking is obligatory

Saturday, February 12th

Botanical Walk with Vera

Vera, local to the region since birth, gives a botanical tour of the Lou Calen gardens. Guided by her studies in phytotherapy and herboristry, Vera shares her passion for every wild plant that Lou Calen has to offer. Join her to explore and discover these celebrated Provençal plants and their forgotten virtues.

Location : Jardin Secret restaurant

Time : 10:00 to 12:00

Cost : 25€

Reservation : Limited places, booking is obligatory

Previous events

Dinner with Nadine Sette

One of Cotignac’s best known chefs joins Benoit Witz behind the stoves for a richly collaborative culinary evening. Nadine brings her passion for cooking with Italian influences to the table, and together the two prestigious chefs will craft delicious and unexpected Mediterranean dishes.

Gathering Saffron

Nestled in the midst of the restanques a unique spice grows naturally. In our region, flowering begins in October and lasts for a month while the harvest reaps rich rewards. Sabine and Jean will guide you and explore more herbs to ensure you fully understand the culture and nature of organic saffron growing.

Dinner with Huguette Caren

Benoit Witz welcomes Huguette Caren, the previous owner of Lou Calen and valued guardian of special Provençal recipes, into his kitchen at the Jardin Secret. Huguette’s spectacular cooking contributed to the hotel’s famous reputation in the 70s, 80s and 90s. To keep this iconic legacy alive, Huguette has passed on all her secrets to our chef, and now for you to enjoy.

Sunday Brunch

Our chef Benoit Witz and his team welcome you to a sumptuous brunch inspired by the rich tastes of autumn. Be tempted by our delicious dishes crafted from local produce, offering both sweet and savoury. Our idyllic setting is the ideal place to relax with friends or family on an easy autumnal Sunday. 

Beer and Books

A literary evening with a writer and celebratory beers! Rene Fregni is a former psychiatric nurse who led writing workshops at the Baumettes prison in Marseille, and now a celebrated author of fifteen books which explore his travels and his experiences with the prison inmates.

Lobster the Superstar!

Introducing the lobster, the king of all crustaceans, thanks to its rich and wonderful taste. Our chef Benoit Witz rustles up this delicious pasta dish every Monday, refined with traditional Provençal herbs. Consider setting your working week off to a flying start with this Monday lunchtime treat!

The Olive Harvest

Lou Calen’s gardeners invite you to participate in the olive harvest each morning at the estate. Matured olives may be used in cooking but can also be transformed into so-called “fruity black oil|. Discover the secrets behind this emblematic culture of Provence.

Location : Lou Calen

Smoky Mountain Live Music

Every Saturday night in January, our microbrewery bar La Tuf invites the best local artists to perform. Smoky mountain Blues band was founded in 2019 by four musicians of differing musical backgrounds, but with the same passion for the Blues.

The Catfish Combo Live Music

Every Saturday night in January, our microbrewery bar La Tuf invites the best local artists to perform. With Fred on guitar and vincent on bass, The Catfish Combo is a rockabilly and early rock-n-roll duo inspired by the oiriginal swing of the 50s.