Restaurant & Bars

Ever faithful to the luxurious vibe and convivial atmosphere of Lou Calen, the restaurant and bars of the estate, each in their own way, these ideals of sharing, of generosity. At Jardin Secret restaurant, chef Benoit Witz‘s kitchens simmer with the joy of colorful Provence. On the rooftop in summer, Didier Romieux welcomes you to his wine bar with a selection of the finest wines. All year round, La Tuf sets the pace for village life, immersing customers in the world of brewing.

Lou Calen is expanding and soon will be able to offer our guests new and exciting innovative spaces within the hotel. Work is being carried out in certain parts of the estate and in order to ensure your continued comfort, we are doing everything we can to minimise any possible atmospheric interference or disturbance.


Benoît Witz welcomes you “as if you were at home” with the finest intention: to help you discover the flavours of Provence.


A must-visit microbrewery that has become a lively, alternative meeting place with an eclectic program.


A summer institution, this ephemeral bar brings together lovers of fine wines every evening from June to September.


A lucky few can take advantage of our very limited offer, which combines relaxation at the pool with gourmet delights at the Jardin Secret restaurant.

Coming soon! Just a little more patience

The Bistrot will welcome guests six days a week into its warm and casual atmosphere on its outdoor terrace among centuries-old olive trees or within its glass-enclosed terrace. Enjoy Provençal flavours and watching your gourmet food grilled on the open wood fire, the “Forge”, in the heart of the restaurant.

The terrace of this bar, that overlooks the main village square, offers the ideal vantage point for observing the bustle of Provençal life. Seven days a week, guests are invited to take a refreshing break at any time of the day and enjoy the amazing collection of pastis from all around France.

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