Didier’s wine bar

A real summer institution at Lou Calen, this bar sparkles every evening from June to September, as is filled with the joyful chatter of wine lovers. Didier Romieux, a passionate wine merchant, colourful character and prominent figure of Cotignac, has carefully curated his wine list.

With around thirty kinds of wine references on offer, and around fifteen different wines by the glass, Didier will be happy to guide you towards fabulous discoveries.


Didier Romieux, an Epicurean at Heart

Didier has been touring the country and its vineyards for more than 30 years in a continual search for authentic winemakers and their best wines.

Didier’s exclusive access to certain wine ‘allocations’ at reasonable prices means he offers such wines as: Domaine des Tours by Emmanuel Reynaud, Chablis by Vincent Dauvissat, Domaine Coche-Dury.

After just one glass or more, our patrons let themselves be carried away by the notes of the specialist wines and the tinkle of the piano in the corner. As a well-trained lover of music and a pianist in his spare time, Didier invites all amateur and seasoned musicians who stay at Lou Calen to have a play.


Join us

Nestled in the heart of Cotignac village in Provence, Didier invites you to the Jardin Secret rooftop for a fine glass of wine.

The Lou Calen estate is located an hour away from Aix-en-Provence and Marseille, and 45 minutes away from the Gorges du Verdon.

Didier’s wine bar

13 Rue de l'Araignée
83570 Cotignac
The wine bar is closed and will reopen on June 20th 2024. Open 6/7 from 6pm to 11pm (closed on Wednesday).