Our experiences

Disconnect from everyday life and revive your passions through Lou Calen’s enriching experiences. 

Discover the rich heritage of Cotignac and all the region has to offer.

Venture into Provence

Our region of Provence is full of stunning natural sites, ready to be explored. Discover the beauty of the area and its waterfalls, lakes and mountains, through sports, adventure and other leisure activities. Enjoy the region’s exclusive sites either independently or accompanied by highly-qualified guides.

Explore local gastronomy

Provence is well known for its fabulous food. Enjoy Lou Calen’s delicious eateries as well as the local restaurants, then venture further afield to discover the region’s gastronomic delights to suit your tastes. For wine enthusiasts, tour local vineyards and learn about traditional wine-making techniques; for aspiring chefs, visit olive-growing estates and try cooking classes using local products of the season. Whatever your passion, a rich Provençal programme awaits you.

Find harmony of body and mind

Fall into the relaxing rhythm of life under the Provençal sun. The holistic programme at Lou Calen entices guests to relax, unwind, and return to calm during their holiday. From yoga and meditation, to pilates, take time for yourself and reconnect.

Discover local cultural treasures

Lou Calen offers unique experiences for guests to discover the cultural sites of this iconic region. Art and history lovers can pursue their passions under the guidance of local artists, whether by learning new artistic techniques or by venturing into the past.