The Retrospective of Stéphane Lovighi-Bourgogne at La Falaise Art Centre


From March 23rd to May 25th, La Falaise art centre presents an expansive look over the immense work of Stéphane Lovighi-Bourgogne, a painter and creator concerned with the human condition, with dreams and with the concept of ‘hope’ while also drawing his inspiration from the major trends in modern art.

Spring Exhibition : The Retrospective of Stéphane Lovighi-Bourgogne

Exhibiting the work of Stéphane Lovighi-Bourgogne is a real challenge as his soul and his work are inextricable and impossible to capture with a single glance at a painting or a single encounter. Welcome to a world where universes mingle, smash and collide, where works of art plunge us into an overwhelming abyss in search of love where violence rubs shoulders with tenderness, where excess clashes against modesty, where poetry is frightened to emerge, where genius is bold with talent.

All this is on show at La Falaise art centre, as an overview of the artist’s creative life – from the first drawing to his recent paintings, the visitor can perceive the unfiltered vision of an exceptionally strong, tender, aggressive, poetic artist, sometimes immodest but never vulgar. This exhibition promises to reveal an unbearable beauty based on the complexity of being.

La Falaise art centre in Cotignac

Within an old chapel of the white penitents from the 17th century, this private art centre took up residence in 2015.  Steeped in history and well known to the inhabitants, this building successively hosted a cinema, restaurant, and garage.

The “Cotignac Côté Culture” foundation created this art gallery to exhibit high-calibre modern and contemporary art rarely accessible in rural settings. The foundation also supports artistic initiatives that extend beyond the walls of the art centre. Thanks to its acquisitions and charitable donations, the Center d’Art La Falaise is developing a collection of works of art that will become over the decades the collective memory of this unique place. The endowment fund does not receive any public aid. If you too wish to contribute to the dissemination of art in this remote area, contact the center directly.