Festive meals at the Jardin Secret restaurant, on site or to take away!


In its stunning 19th century building decorated with Christmas magic, the Jardin Secret restaurant has exceptional menus for the festive season, to enjoy on site or to take away.

What if this year you really indulged yourselves and let the Jardin Secret take over? Put away your cookery books, and from December 24th to January 1st, let Benoit Witz and his team take care of everything.

Christmas Eve

24th December, dinner

85€ (excluding drinks)

Nibbles with a glass of champagne

Seared langoustines with lemon gremolata garnish, coriander caviar and a herby purée

Scallops spiced with fennel, with truffle and hazelnut butter foam and caviar pearls

Capon-style quail stuffed with foie gras and hints of root vegetables, with a winter garnish

Truffled Brie de Meaux with a lambs lettuce salad and dried fruits

Traditional Christmas Yule log, with a hazelnut chocolate and yuzu cream

Sweet treats

Christmas Day

December 25th, lunch & dinner

69€ (excluding drinks)

Creamy shellfish velouté, with lobster, chopped vegetables and chervil herb 

Naturally roasted scallops with a crunchy winter salad

Free-range capon golden roasted with seasonal vegetables

Traditional Christmas Yule log, with caramelised pears

New Year’s Eve

December 31st, dinner

105€ (excluding drinks)

Nibbles with a glass of champagne

Lobster bisque with porcini mushrooms and a shellfish bruschetta

Scallops with black truffle in carpaccio with an olive oil and verbena sauce

Sea bass tournedos with a thin slice of Iberian ham, and creamy Jerusalem artichokes with crispy bits

Milk-fed lamb Wellington with black truffle and root vegetables, with a herb jus

Homemade ice cream with chestnuts, wild blackberries, and honey

Sweet treats

New Year’s Day

January 1st, lunch & dinner

69€ (excluding drinks)

Beef consommé with pearls of truffled vegetables

Filet of sole in a potato gratin with baby spinach

Festive vol-au-vent with poultry, crayfish and mushrooms

Entremets sweet treats and citrus cream

The Secret Garden kitchen at your home!

To order your festives dishes, contact us

by phone : +33 4 98 14 15 29

by email : bonjour@loucalen.com