Tuesday September 19 at Jardin Secret: Auvergne cheeses in the spotlight


Calling all cheeselovers! This day is designed for all who celebrate good French cheese. Our chef Benoit Witz hosts Dominique Prugne – two-time world champion at the Tours International Cheese Festival – for a menu dedicated to fine Auvergne cheeses and the secrets behind the art of their cheesemaking. 

For more than 40 years, Dominique Prugne and Audrey Roche have been developing a cheesemaking company in Besse, in Les Terres d’Auvergne, which has become an industry leader in farmhouse Saint-Nectaire cheese – with more than 1,400 tonnes produced per year. Today, it has grown to encompass more than 35 producers of farmhouse Saint-Nectaire, including one with an exclusive organic label, and three other significant Auvergne cheeses: Bleu d’Auvergne, Fourme d’Ambert and Cantal. The company distributes both through wholesale networks and directly to the best cheese sellers and creamers in the country, including dozens of ‘Meilleur Ouvrier’ in France.

Passionate about the science behind cheese maturing, Dominique personally oversees the process and rather enjoys locking himself up for hours in the cheese cellars to observe and “treat” them. The two friends work together with producers by offering technical support and expertise according to the rigorous specifications of the AOP. Thanks to their hard work and developing experience they are now the go-to pair for Auvergne cheese knowledge, and have been awarded numerous medals: prizes at the General Agricultural Competition of the ‘Salon de l’Agriculture’, prizes at the the AOP Saint-Nectaire Official Competition, and the two-time world champion award at the Tours International Cheese Festival.

Dominique Prugne invites you to Jardin Secret restaurant on Tuesday September 19 for lunch (12pm-2pm) and dinner (7pm-9pm).

Our chef Benoit Witz has crafted a gourmet menu to complement this celebration of Auvergne cheese:

Cantal cheese puffs

Mushroom tart with fine pastry and a seasonal salad

Roast beef and potato pie with soft St Nectaire cheese

A fine selection of cheeses

Poached pears

74€ excluding drinks