The authenticity and elegance of a wedding in Provence


Getting married in Provence is a fairytale waiting to happen, and speaks to romance and elegance. Nestled in the heart of the Var region, our patch of Provence is the ideal setting to celebrate love. If you dream of an intimate wedding that combines the natural beauty of green landscapes, the authenticity of an old place steeped in history and the sophistication of Provençal cuisine, Lou Calen is the perfect address for your celebration.

The perfect spot to say “yes”

Provence is renowned for its natural landscapes, its fields of lavender, its olive groves, its lush vineyards and its heady, artistic, and unique atmosphere. Imagine exchanging your vows at sunset, surrounded by Provençal nature adorned with stunning Mediterranean colours. Within its three hectares of sprawling landscape, Lou Calen has a unique spot ideal for a secular wedding ceremony: an olive grove with a breathtaking view of a swathe of pines and oak trees. Or, just a few minutes’ walk from the estate, the St-Pierre-de-Cotignac church can be the ideal setting for a religious ceremony.

Authentic and refined cuisine

The Jardin Secret restaurant, set within an old 18th century Provençal country house, is the perfect option to wine and dine your wedding guests. The restaurant was honoured with a Michelin green star in 2022, thanks to its chef Benoit Witz and his cuisine so respectful of the environment that it revisits traditional Provençal recipes and enhances local treasures. The hotel also houses a prestigious wine bar and a craft brewery, as well as a (very imminent) bistro-style restaurant with a party bar – all inspiring places and options for festive gourmet celebration fun.

5-star accommodation

Close your eyes, and imagine the sound of the cicadas, the wind passing through the pine wood forest and the olive trees, the smells of lavender, the bubbling water flowing all over the estate… In this true Provençal setting there are 34 unique rooms and suites on offer. From La Troglodyte, built from a rambling ruin dug into the tuf rock, to the Bastidon, with its traditional old stony architecture, to the Pigeonnier, with its circular building on three levels – each bedroom option promises its own exclusive experience, and promises a magical night for newlyweds, and the beginning of a honeymoon like no other.

For those who aspire to a wedding where Provençal charm meets true sophistication, Lou Calen is made for you.

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